Solutions for every need

The keyword is modularity. This concept guided the design of the H2OPro system: to allow everyone to find the best configuration according to their own devices and needs. Products and accessories, combined in the best possible way, this is what we mean by Modular Water Management.

Good tap water?

In this case JDEM or DSPENS are the right products, sufficient to provide you with optimal pure water.

Is mains water not that good...?

This is where OPURE 400 in combination with JDEM or DSPENS provides greater efficiency and long-term cost savings.

Want to save time…?

Simply connect the JDEM or DSPENSER jug directly to the sterilizer through the connections on the base to achieve a functional and EN1717-compliant system.

… or more handling?

To avoid handling and lifting the entire jug here is TOWER, a specially developed accessory, connected directly to JDEM or DSPENS, which draws pure water from the reservoirs and delivers it to the user at the push of a button, while also controlling its quality.

Need more water?

By combining the OPURE 400 with the JDEM, it is possible to achieve a much greater amount of filtered water and significantly longer filter life, especially with poor tap water.

Are you dealing with many sterilizers?

Using OPURE 400 in combination with one or more DSPENS makes it possible to have sufficient water available to supply several devices, even different ones, at the same time.

All while preserving patient safety and preventing contamination of the water supply in accordance with EN 1717.